No Walls Between Us

Group work: Core Values

 Team Equality - Gender Minority

Equality does not mean that women and men will become the same but that women’s and men’s rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they are born female or male. Gender equality implies that the interests, needs and priorities of both women and men are taken into consideration. Equality between women and men is seen both as a human rights issue and as a precondition for, and indicator of, sustainable people-centred development.  (Maya)

Team Commitment - Refugees

Refugees are people who left their country to have a better life in another country. Often, they leave their country to escape from famine, poverty, persecutions, religious discrimination, or also for economic reasons, struggles for indipendence or better job opportunities. It is very difficult for them, because sometimes to leave their country they lost their possessions, their home, and the people they love. There are about 8 milion refugees in the world, and the majority of them is in Germany.United Nations has created one World Refugee Day, which is celebrated on June 20th. (Arianna)

Refugees are people who left their  country  to have  a better life  in another country .It is very difficult for them ,because sometimes to leave their country they lost their possessions.There are lot of  refugees (about 8 milion in all the world), mostly in Germany. (Kristel)

Team Honesty - Women as minorities

we are in 2021 but women are still not treated like men especially in countries like Afghanistan, India and Somalia, where women have no rights. In fact, there are big differences between women and men as for jobs, education or in sports and that makes women's lives more complicated; they have to work harder to get the same opportunities. (Finne)

Team Respect – Ethnicities

The ethnicity groups different characteristics : different skin color, different lifestyle , different cultures, different languages and different religions. I think ethnicity is a positive aspect for the world because every person is beautiful in their own way, having different characteristics. Another very nice thing is when you have the opportunity to know a person from another state , so that you can know their lifestyle, learn their language and other things. (Lara)

An ethnic group is a social group of people that share a common and distinctive culture, language, or religion. I think ethnic diversity is very important so that we get to know other cultures better which will help us understand different perspectives within the world that we live in. diversity increases cultural competence, which in turn allows students to be empathetic to the experiences of others. (Sara)

Team Optimism – Yes to Cultural Diversity!

I think is important say to cultural diversity beacause all the people in the world are free to go at school, have a workplace,ecc. The diversity of culture represent the umanity beacause we are all different. People doesn't be discriminated beacause they have a diversal culture. Finaly we can discover new langueges and religion. (Diego)

Team Empathy - Migrants

There are different reasons for mgration:

-some are people escape from their country because of wars and they are refuges

-others because of poverty; unemployment, ...

The western world countries welcome the first type of immigrants, but some others don't. 

We think that this is unfair because all people have eguals rights.(Ester)

Team Hope – Human rights

Rights are something that everyone should have because it's important that everyone can live in peace and in equity. (Alessio)

Team Compassion – Different Religions

We have different opinion of religion: there is ho think that it is indispensable for belive in something, there is ho think that there is a God superior, but he don't think that there was otherworldly things, other thinks that there is a God, but the church isn't indispenable because the money of the church can be used for other things.

There are different religion for exemple Christianity is a monotheistic religion that believes in a God and has the Bible and the Gospels as its texts, the festival day of this religion is Sunday when we go to the church.

In the antiquity there was religions that belive in more divinity (politheist) like the Greek religion for exemple Poseidon, Ares, Apollo, Artemis... (Hélène)

Team Integrity – People with Disabilities

People with disability are some people that have a problem, physical or intellectual. Many times, people with disabilities need help and they can’t have a normal life. A big problem for the disabled is move around the city or go to the supermarket so the disabled have a person who helps them. Research is helping people with disabilities a lot, for example, building prostheses. Instead of the Olympics, the disabled have the Paralympics, a world competition where many disabled people compete. From my point of view, people with disability need help, to make them happy and make them have a better life. (Francesco)

A new Symbol for Cultural Diversity

 by Ester Mary Boca.


By Sara Lacamera

By Alessio Ghirardo

By Lara Visconte

By Diego Muscarà

 By Hélène Gorret

By Francesco Dalla Palma

By Arianna Iervolino


(propositions for a new constitution for the world)


(no walls project presentation)